Sigmund Freud 's Theory Of Psychology And Psychology Essay

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Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology and psychotherapy, was a Jewish Austrian medical doctor who lived from 1856-1939. Because of the invasion during First World War, he leaves Austria and spends his last years of life in London. Freud begins his career as a research neurologist. Over the time, he gradually moves into the practice of psychiatry. Funder (2016) states that Freud’s greatest contribution to psychotherapy was ‘’the talking cure’’ (Funder, 2016, p.352). It was absurd for that specific time that someone states how talking actually helps solving personal problems. Moreover, his view of human is very pessimistic and at best neutral. According to Tan (2011) Freud has deterministic view, in which all human actions and behaviors are caused by unconscious irrational forces called drives. Also, Freud argues that these so-called ‘’drives’’ evolve through several psycho-sexual stages and that this process happens by age of six (Tan, 2011, p.37). These drives are divided in two groups. First group are life instincts, Eros or libido, or what we are more familiar with – sexual drives. In addition this drive presents very broad spectrum of meanings, generally focusing on sexual drive, but also referring to our seeking for pleasure and avoidance of pain. Second group are death instincts, thanatos, which are death and aggression. According to Freud, both groups are major motivators of human behavior (Tan, 2011, p.38).

Tan (2011) states in his book that Freud’s greatest…

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