Essay On Dream Interpretation

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Dreams and their interpretation aren’t only relevant now in the modern psychology, however, have been relevant for thousands of years of human culture. Dream interpretation, as well as its significance to human culture can be seen in the bible as well as an Egyptian dream book dating back to 1213 B.C. (The Egyptian Dream, 2014). Philosophers throughout time, such as the philosopher Socrates, have analyzed dreaming and it 's correlation to humanity. It is Socrates who stated, “How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state” (Thatcher, 1907, p.208). Can the dreams we experience be concluded to have any meaning, as many have theorized? …show more content…
On nights five and eight I have experienced physical pain while I was sleeping, which my dreams had correspondingly illustrated. The first time, I woke up one morning with a mouth ulcer, respectively, my dream that night had been about tooth pain and my teeth falling out. Similarly, in one study Nielsen and his colleagues performed an experiment to see if pain produced during REM sleep could manifest itself into the subject of the dream. Accordingly, a blood pressure cuff was placed on the subject to restrict blood to a limb during REM sleep in which many of the subjects had reported pain or discomfort in one form or another (Nielsen, McGregor, Zadra, Ilnicki & Ouellet L, 1998). Additionally, another morning I had woken up with intrauterine device related pain which corresponded with my dream of being stabbed in the abdomen after leaving work late and walking through a dark parking lot. Additionally, in another study Zadra and his colleagues gave 185 randomly selected subjects a dream questionnaire in which 49.2% of the participants reported that they had experienced pain in their dreams at some point in their lives (Zadra, Nielsen, Germain, Lavigne, & Donderi, 1998). As a result of the pain that I experienced throughout my dreams I believe there to be a correlation between physiological health with

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