Sichuan Qin Player Essay

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Sichuan Qin Player

The period of 206 BCE to 220 AD of the Han Dynasty represented a time of economic and geographic growth in China. In the Han Dynasty, funerary art was very important. The Sichuan Qin Player (fig. 1), which is made out of clay, is an example of a tomb sculpture that represents a seated woman with a musical instrument. This sculpture represents how music brought the Chinese people together in Han Dynasty China. The Sichuan Qin Player (fig. 1) stands twenty-five inches tall by sixteen inches wide by eleven and a half inches deep; she is also under life-size. This seated female statue is made of red clay that has faded into a dark grayish-yellow color. On top of the female, lies a flower headdress. The headdress
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Although the gender of the objects are unclear, they all look like the Sichuan Qin Player and must have served the same function as the Player. During the Han Dynasty, Chinese intellectuals were fascinated by the sadness and by the grave sentiments in music which they associated with lofty mental states and with moral purity. It has been said that you could achieve this only if you explored the sounds of the qin with a pure heart and an open mind and those who were able to recognize and accept the instrument’s “mysteriousness” saw the key to the qin’s greatest powers . The player could have played the qin to seek a spiritual communication with nature because the qin served as a bridge to the non-human world where immortality, eternal peace, and transcendental fulfillment took place. The player would play at lonely bamboo groves or high mountain tops where she could play for the gods or for herself. . The hand position of the player is in some way or other inspired by, or interpreted in terms of, cosmology or by evocative images from nature . The qin itself also symbolizes nature since the concave upper surface and flat bottom are said to symbolize heaven and earth. The music that was played directly imitates certain nature sounds sometimes as well . The players are usually gifted writers and some of them are creative also as poets and calligraphers . Only players with a lot of spare time, a lively imagination and sufficient affinity with the

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