Sibling and Robby Essay

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“Family Traits”
Deidre Hocevar
Professor Veselits
October 10th, 2012
EN 101-15
Final Draft

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Professor Veselits First Draft

“Our Time” by John Edgar Wideman is a homage to his brother, who is currently incarcerated for robbery and murder. Wideman goes into the depths of the jail where his brother is currently incarcerated and the family dynamics that he believes put him there. Robby’s best friend and the leader of his gang Garth was killed due to negligence and that is where Robby’s downward spiral began. His brother Robby was the youngest of
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Part of me goes out to him. Heartbreak is the sound of ice cracking. Deep. Layers and layers muffling the sound (Wideman 687).” He knows that there were warning signs but instead of stepping in and helping his youngest sibling he went about living his own day-to-day life. “Try to understand where I been. Why I did what I did. You got time for that in here. Time’s all you got in here” (Wideman 682). We will never know what Robby’s life would have become and he spends hours depicting what his full potential could have been. John becomes absorbed in the guilt he feels and wonders where he could have helped Robby. John’s guilt is helping him to get a better understanding of his brother, that understanding comes a better family memoir.
John and Robby are trying to see if their stories corroborate and piece the facts of that night together using both of their memories. John listens intently to Robby as he fights through the facts. Robby has been harboring this guilt for years and is trying to talk through his actions. As Robby talks to John, John realizes there are differences in their stories and he starts to patch together different scenarios he didn’t realize earlier. The difference in John and Robby’s stories cause John to delve into the event of that day. “Maybe they are foreground and background, propping each other up (Wideman 688).” John needed Robby and Robby needed John to piece together the story and now that they’ve done

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