Siachen Glacier Case Study

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SIACHEN GLACIER: The highest battlefield in the world, the Siachen Glacier, has witnessed conflict between India and Pakistan for over twenty years. Due to this conflict it had resulted in hundreds of causalities caused mostly by adverse climatic conditions and harsh terrain rather than military skirmishes. The conflict is also putting a lot of financial burden on the national exchequer of both sides.Due to the Sliding down a valley in the Karakoram Range, the glacier is 76 kilometers long and varies in width between2 to 8 kilometer.It came upto he up to 6 to 7 meters of the annual total of 10 meters of snow in the winter months. Blizzards can reach speeds of up to 150 knots (nearly 300 kilometers per hour). The temperature came down routinely …show more content…
As Siachen was known to be completely inhospitable and not worth for any conflict on the ground. The real cease fire line (CFL) agreed to each other by India and Pakistan in the July 1949 Karachi Agreement did not cover the area of ‘the glaciers’ because of the tough situation of delineating the line. Beside the delineated grid, Point NJ 9842, near Chalunka, the Karachi Agreement was based on the line passing ‘north to the glaciers’. The area which was north part of it was left blank and open to encroachments. Indians and Pakistanis tried to slove their territorial claims by interpreting the vague language contained in the 1949 and 1972 agreements to prove their respective points. For Pakistan ‘thence northwards’ means from NJ 9842 up to Karakoram Pass.India, on the other side draws a north westerly line from NJ 9842 with the watershed line of the Saltoro Range, a southern offshoot of the Karakoram Range. Resolving issues of the siachen dispute could be a difficult task towards building trust and confidence between India and Pakistan. They also account for the accumulation of huge cut off on it. All this is issues on the ecological is destroying the ecological balance of the removing the mistrust in India

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