Shrek, By Jessica Tiffin Essay

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Shrek to most is just a funny good-hearted kid’s movie, that almost any child has seen. Shrek is not like most of the traditional fairy tales that people learn about as a child. Shrek does not date back to centuries ago, it was not told orally, then someone wrote it down, and it has not been rewritten in many countries and changed due to different cultures. While Shrek is a unique modern tale about Ogres, talking animals, magic and many more surprises it is also a spoof and audience should recognize characters. In the article “Shrek and Shrek II” by Jessica Tiffin, she presents the fairy tales that are most relevant in the film Shrek, not only are they the most relevant they are also the most incorporated. These fairy tales are Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.
Shrek has taken the role of combining Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty’s storyline and parts of the plot into the some of the main focuses of Shrek. The most standout parts from the stories were picked out and used but changed so that it was not copying exactly, but are still very similar. Many people do not pick up in the similarities that have been interchanged within, such as in Sleeping Beauty. Although, after doing researching it makes it is to pick up on parts of the story that were not easily recognized before. Beauty, who is the princess in Sleeping Beauty, was put under a sleeping spell and locked in a castle; Fiona too was locked in a castle where she was put under a…

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