Shrek, Basic Communication Essay example

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This assignment is to show how an understanding of narrative structures, the ‘language of film', and binary oppositions can contribute to a critical reading of any one film chosen from the list given. In interpreting the purpose of this assignment, I have chosen the feature film "Shrek" to be analyzed. The overall story of Shrek is simply similar to Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It is a romantic story between an ugly-beast with a beautiful Princess, which is setting up as an old kingdom movie packed with hilarious jokes and images. The form of the movie is in 3D animation movie, which is brilliantly created by Dreamworks. In addition, I would like to use this assignment as an opportunity to argue that the genre of Shrek is a romantic …show more content…
This part of the scene where the action freezes and the camera turning around the character has a similarity with the movie the Matrix. In the Matrix, to do this scene they need to have hundreds of camera around the character. Since Shrek is a 3D animation movie, using 3D software is easier to just freeze the action and turn the move the camera in circle. By having this scene, call it the Matrix scene, the audiences have the feel of combining another example of binary oppositions between the future and the past. Everyone that has seen the Matrix must know that it is a movie about the future while Shrek is a fairytale that sets in the old kingdom days.
All the signs in the movie have lead to the language of film. According to Monaco, J (1977, 1981) the elements of language of film is the signs and syntax. In How to Read a Film, Monaco, J explained on how to read an image; the denotative and connotative of them; and also the codes and mise en scene. The elements of mise en scene are the setting, the lighting, the costume and the make up. In Shrek, all the mise en scene elements are showing the genre of the film is a classic fairytale. The setting is in the old kingdom age; where people are still savagely try to eliminate whatever that is different to them. This is shown from the early scene of the movie which is when the people are sneaking in to Shrek's swamp with their weapons and try to do bad things to Shrek. The

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