Should Women Be Equal As Men? Essay

726 Words Jul 31st, 2016 3 Pages
When Will Women be equal as men? Women have come a long way in what we can do here in the United States. Although this is not the case worldwide. Many times we work alongside males and sometimes doing the same job at the end of the week only to receive much less of a percentage that is paid to males to do the same jobs. As a people, we have different cultures and beliefs, many of these have a placement or set of rules. According to, a patriarchy is "a social system in which power is held by men, through cultural norms and customs that favor men and withhold opportunity from women". It would be great if they were removed by social change, but many may never due to deep roots into ancient customs and religions. Women of today have the ability to do many things but are not given the recognition for their fruits. Many have to work many years just to receive the same rewards as their men counterparts. Women should receive equal pay and social recognition when doing the same job as the male counterpart. Although women have advanced over the years, how long will it be when we will see equality?

Equal pay for equal work what a wonderful sentiment. It uses to be women were only allowed to hold certain jobs. These jobs were usually in the home or doing domesticated work. These jobs were not always easy as they seem to be. Today women can do anything from a doctor or be a scientist. Also, we are still breaking into new areas such as being able to go into…

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