Essay on Should White Athletes Be Banned?

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On the first day of the study, individuals ran the 100-meter dash one time in order to find a “base” time for each individual. This portion of the study allowed us to have a “control” race that we could compare the second day’s results to and see if the athletes experience a slower of faster time during the second day of the study. After the race participants filled out the Self-Evaluation Survey (Figure 1.1, pictured right) and were instructed to return the following day to complete the second phase of the tournament. One the second day of the study participants were instructed to run the 100-meter dash again, however, before the race all participants were primed using a mock New York Times article that stated “White athletes will never be as fast or as athletic as Black athletes due a genetic restriction that prohibits their muscles from contracting at a quicker rate; thus, making it impossible for them to be competitive with Black athletes at a professional level.”. The article goes on to state that the genetic limitation is present in individuals that are derived from any kind of Caucasian background, therefore suggesting that Biracial individuals have the genetic limitation and can never be as good as monoracial Black athletes. Additionally, the seven lanes used during the race were identity specific. It is here that the information gained from the initial registration questionnaire about which identity Black-White biracial individuals was used. All even numbered lanes…

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