Should We Eat Healthy Food? Essay examples

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This documentary talks about what food is. “You are what you eat” (Food Matters). It means that whatever you eat determines if your body is healthy or not healthy. You should eat healthy food because if you don’t then your body isn’t getting the right nutrients. It’s important to have a balanced diet with nutrients because it will keep your body fit and healthy. Other reasons why your health could be unbalanced is because you’re eating food that are unhealthy.
The reason for some of our food being unhealthy is because we eat food that comes from our supermarkets. Some of the products that are in the stores come from farms. Some of our foods that came from farms have to processed because they have to get rid of all the diseases, and germs that could be in our food. The way we eat also depends on our nutrition. The reasons for processed foods being unhealthy are: Processed Foods Are Usually High in Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup, Processed Foods Are “Hyper Rewarding” and Lead to Overconsumption, Processed Foods Contain All Sorts of Artificial Ingredients, Many People Can Literally Become Addicted to Processed Junk Foods, Processed Foods Are Often High in Refined Carbohydrates, Most Processed Foods Are Low in Nutrients, Processed Foods Tend to be Low in Fiber, It Requires Less Energy and Time to Digest Processed Foods, and Processed Foods Are Often High in Trans Fats or Processed Vegetable Oils (Gunnars).
Our food that has nutrients are drawn out because they go through…

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