Should We Be Healthy And Free From Illness? Essay

718 Words Dec 2nd, 2014 3 Pages
There is a potential crisis on hand. A new strain of avian virus has emerged in China. There is a fear that it may jump across species and directly infect the human race. We know with certainty the affected birds have died but we are uncertain how mankind will be affected by this new virus. A few things are certain; immunity via vaccines saves many lives. As I stand before you all, let us not make a hasty decision without thought. Please allow me the time to present the pros and cons to vaccinating all citizens of United States, after all this becomes a struggle between personal freedoms and the good of an entire nation. We all have the right to be healthy and free from illness, especially if prevention is possible. Let me ask though; are we at that point yet? Yes, we have successfully created a vaccine for this particular virus but have we put in the research to determine that it is safe? I am sure we have all heard the current debate over our already existent vaccines causing autism in our youth. Although that is not probable nor the case, we cannot deny there are risk for some type of side effects and complications. At the very least, we need the time to determine the risk and effects and speak openly and honestly with the public. We have not always been open regarding the additives and potential dangers within vaccines and if we want the people to willingly participate then we must seize this opportunity to be honest. We do have remarkable evidence here in our homeland…

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