Essay about Should Voting Be A Big Deal?

812 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
As a fan of politics, and an active watcher of the manipulative brainwashing people like to call news, I consider voting to be a big deal. Latinos make up a large portion of our United States population and I find it quite remarkable that there is such a burden on the Latino voters in this nation. In my opinion, I think votes coming from minorities, are the most significant. They are what give America, its so called “melting pot” aura. Without those voters, there are still issues out there directing towards those people that need to be dealt with, otherwise they won’t even get the chance to be here to have to deal with them anymore, if you get what I’m implying. Immigration laws seem like an ongoing unnecessary debate, for which the racists of America disagree upon, and it is why we need those Latino voters. For example, in the 2016 Presidential Election, say Donald Trump wins, we cannot let that happen. When a man as powerful and ignorant as Donald Trump says he will build a wall blocking Mexican borders from United States, he most likely means it, he is a man of his word. Sadly, he is currently in the lead for not only the Republican Party, but the election itself. People like him are what will bring America to its downfall, and it’s sad to have to witness it happening, but we can change that. All we have to do it vote. Another issue is, the people that are eligible might be newcomers, or just don’t really understand the American political system and its significance.…

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