Should Underage Girls Be Banned? Essay

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"Since forever, I have learned to say yes to everything. Today I have decided to say no." by Nujood Ali. About 36% of the women who are in the category of 20-24 years old get married before the age of 18. Two beneficial disputes of why getting married underage is you can build stronger bonds in your relationship and you can be able to adapt at your new environment. The two non-beneficial quarrels of why not getting married at a young age is you can get depression easily and the last argument is when your family is in the poverty cycle they tend to get you married just so that they can resolve their family issues. In conclusion, I think that girls who are under age should have an option whether if they want to get a formal marriage or a forced marriage. But overall, I think that underage girl 's marriages should be banned worldwide because younger girls lose their dignity and rights to freedom. "If I 'd studied, I wouldn 't have had to work in the scorching heat, harvesting in the fields."
Getting married at such a very young age will create stronger bonds in your relationships. For example you can have family dinners or have more conversations to build your social skills. For furthermore information when your younger you will sometimes get anxiety problems when your near older men because you having the feeling that he won 't talk to you. But when you get married you cannot feel the anxiety in you because you 're already married. Ways to not feel the anxiety is that…

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