Should The Nfl Be A Fair Trial? Essay

1579 Words May 7th, 2015 7 Pages
Can you imagine a world where people are jailed before they are put on trial? That is the NFL. Many athletes have been jailed and fired from their job for domestic abuse before they are even found guilty. There are a lot of phases in domestic abuse, including the act itself, speaking out when you or someone else has been abused, invasion of personal life when this information comes out, and how you handle it after it happens. The punishment is brought to a discussion by the court whether the culprit is innocent or guilty, not by the NFL itself. Should the NFL really decide to fire the accused before given a fair trial? There are some people who believe that athletes who have committed domestic abuse should be fired immediately as the news breaks out, but are they aware that they are taking away someone’s livelihood? Ray Rice has been caught on camera beating up his fiancée in an elevator and has lost his livelihood at NFL (Ray Rice -- ELEVATOR KNOCKOUT). He’s never been a violent man and there’s no excuse for his actions, but people demand consequences (Senar). Although people now consider him to be “…one of the worst human beings around…”, a man should still be able to do his job (qtd. in Senar). The firing of an athlete does not only hurt the player’s reputation, but also his family’s reputation. Ray Rice needs money to support his family, and while he might have enough money to help them for years to come, it is not morally right to take a man away from his…

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