Should Students Pay An Expensive Parking Fees? Essay

1241 Words Apr 5th, 2016 null Page
Have you ever had a bad day because you cannot find a parking spot on campus and was late to class, missed a test or even got into a car accident because everyone was trying to rush through the parking lot? Almost every student has experienced something like this before because of some rip off parking lot. The problem is UNLV parking is too small to fit everyone 's car, yet student are still expected to pay an expensive parking fee. Students have to pay a substantial amount to park at the UNLV while their tuition is extremely high. Parking should be free considering how much student tuition costs at universities, and to solve this problem, the university can use student’s tuition, parking tickets, fundraisers, and state funding to help pay for it.
As they say, there is nothing money cannot buy but where would the university get the money from? Since students has to pay additional fees in their tuition, the university can use that money to build more parking lots instead of throwing pizza parties or giving students free tickets at the student union. By taking advantage of such a high student tuition, the university could easily raise enough money through parking tickets, fundraising, additional fees, donations, state funding, and student support. According to Cassie Soto from The Rebel Yell, “Parking pass prices will be going up in Fall 2015 and will increase again in 2018.” It is true that the cost of parking tickets increases ten percent every year but why? The parking…

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