Should Sex Selection For Medical And Non Medical Reasons Essays

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“Is she having a girl or a boy?” is the first thought that comes to mind when anyone notice a pregnant woman. Normally in the expecting mother first trimester she is wondering the same thing. But imagine if everyone could pick the gender of their unborn child. This would end every last tradition the world has come to know and love. No more guessing games or reveal showers. The question is “should sex selection for medical and non-medical reasons be available for parents in the U.S.A?” To my way of thinking, medical reasons would be fine for sex selection but only for those reasons. For those medical reason is why it is monitored heavily by the FDA. We all know if it was not monitored every couple would be in line for their baby of choice. There is a tremendous amount of issues that can lead to destruction such as: Boy to girl ratio, girl to boy ratio, and the natural process of how which egg is chosen. We normally rely on the natural choosing of the egg or faith babies referring to the movie GATTACA. But if we put the choice in every couples hands our boy to girl ratio and girl to boy ratio would become unbalance. So, even if it was offered to everyone the FDA would still have to regulate it carefully. For this reason, I feel as though we already have the choice to choose 80 percent of how we want our child to come out. This stems from Cryobank commonly known as Sperm bank.” A sperm bank is a specialized laboratory for the collection and storage of sperm. Sperm banks…

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