Should Prostitution Be Legal? Essays

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Prostitution investigations often involve joint task forces from multiple agencies with city, county, and state officials. In addition, many of these investigations are also coordinated with various federal authorities such as the FBI, ATF, and the Department of Homeland Security. Yes, your tax dollars pay for undercover police officers and federal agents to sit in massage parlors and seedy strip clubs, for months at a time, ordering drinks and lap dances. Ultimately, the only constructive outcome from these kinds of wasteful investigations is proving that Chris Rock was wrong when he said, “No matter what a stripper tells you. There’s no sex in the Champagne Room.”
Police officials routinely insist that these kinds of sting operations improve upon “public safety.” To demonstrate, a strip club in rural Coweta, OK was busted in 2013 on prostitution charges after a four month undercover investigation. Multiple agencies from across the state participated in this case because they feared that the owners would recognize the local cops. “So all these different agencies from different parts of the state worked well together to keep the citizens safe,” said Pedro Zardeneta, agent of the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission.
In some rare cases, vice officers and criminal informants are literally paid with taxpayer money to have sex with prostitutes. For instance, one man was angered while visiting a massage parlor in Lehigh Valley, PA after the woman offered…

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