Essay Should Music Be A New Facility For Books Music Therapy?

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Any other positive result?

Interviewee: I would say the overall one that we always use if we are calling a new facility to try to books music therapy there, whether it is Hospice, an older adult group or at the hospital, quality of life overall is just the one thing that really comes up. There have been social studies that you can measure quality of life, but we have not done those personally. Just knowing that these older adults that have mid stage dementia, but they remember who I am, even though I only go there once a month.

They still remember who I am and the same three songs that we always start with is pretty impressive. So, I think that speaks to, not only that music is that mental cognitive piece, but also it touches them emotionally and that is why they remember. They enjoy and say, why don’t we do this every week, because they haven’t seen me in a month, but it also connects them as a group more than other activities do, especially isolating activities like art. Art is a great self-expression thing, but you are not really doing it with other people, unless you are obviously working on a group project.

I would say that I see the overall connection with other people and their families. Like I said, I don’t see staff very much, but every once and awhile when a nurse comes into the room and I am working with an older adult, the nurses will comment that they haven’t seen them this perked up all day or, I say things like, I didn’t know you liked music or I…

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