Essay about Should Medical Ethics Be Taught?

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Having completed their education, it seems that university students adopt certain behavior and beliefs that diminish their ethical sensitivity to various issues, and sad to say, making decisions difficult for them (Thulesius, 2007).
In recent years, with the increasing cases of complications about medical ethics, promotion of professional ethics among the medical students, especially those who are in direct contact with patients, has been attached great importance (Boyd & Newton, 2011). The study conducted by Selvakumar & Joseph (2004) stressed the importance of medical ethics as part of the curriculum of the health system, indicating that it is essential that medical ethics be educated as part of the curriculum of medical universities to ensure that human dignity and values are not at risk by science and technology under the pretext of protection of human health. To be equipped with committed and knowledgeable doctors and nurses as well as knowing how to deal with ethical problems are seen as basic stimuli to developments in medical ethics (Motamed-Jahromi & Dehghani, 2014). In addition, relatively limited studies have been conducted into the determination of attitudes and awareness of medical ethics among the medical students and health care practitioners. In this regard, Yosefi et al. (2012) concluded that Iranian medical students had positive attitudes toward moral principles. The results of a study performed by Osingada et al. (2015) on Ugandan nurses revealed that…

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