Should Government Tax Sugary Drinks? Essay

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Nicholas Latief
English 118
Should Government Tax Sugary Drinks? Over the past few years, overweight and obesity have been the most troublesome problem in the united states and more than one-third of U.S. adults (around 35.7%) are obese according to Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which could lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some type of cancer. There are many things that could cause obesity but one of the main cause is sugary drinks. Sugary drinks contain chemical substance that could make addiction to the consumer. Sugar should be regulated in the same way as alcohol and tobacco because its increasing use in processed foods and sugary drinks poses a significant danger to public health, causing
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"There is certainly rising interest in taxing sugary foods, and treasuries will see this as an opportunity to boost state income while helping improve our diets." According to “Let Them Drink water” by Daniel Engber, drinking sugary drink is a really bad habit because it contain a lot of calorie. A typical 20-ounce bottle of a sugared soft drink from a vending maching contains 250 calories. To convince voters to tax soda we need more than just and analogy we have to convince them that soda is as bad as tobacco. Neuropundits said that junk food literally alters the biological circuitry of our brains which is quite dangerous. Junk food including soda contain dopamine which activates the brain’s pleasure system. It could circumvent our natural inclinations and trigger “action schemata” for mindless eating. Soda is like a designer drug, layered with seductive elements, sweetness for a burst of dopamine and bubles to prick the trigeminal nerve. We have known that fat tax won’t be succesfull to reduce the amount of obesity since fat tax only effect some group of people and many people oppose fat tax. But taxing sugary drink will affect not only some group of people but everyone which make it is more effective.
Taxing on Sugary drinks is the best way to reduce the

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