Essay about Should Euthanasia Be Legal Or Illegal?

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Euthanasia Controversy Lawfully people are entitled to freedom, but the law also states that it is there to protect us. This creates controversy because euthanasia, assisted suicide by a physician, falls into the categories of giving the people the freedom to choose or protecting the weak from making a inadequate decision ( Butler-Sloss). The question is should euthanasia be legal or illegal? While assisted suicide is legal in the state of Oregon and the Netherlands, many governments are unsure if making assisted dying legal is a good choice ( “Life is too Precious for Lawmakers to Assist Its Ending” , Goodale). People all over the world have been debating for the past 20 years if euthanasia should be legalized. In most cases the citizens have been leaning towards pro, while lawmakers are leaning more towards con euthanization (Thomasson). Euthanization is controversial because it is unclear whether it is an argument of law or an argument of sympathy for other people. While assisted suicide is a controversial topic few people have actually deeply considered their options (Butler-Sloss). Some feel that legalizing euthanasia will only promote suicide but others may argue that the option to end a life is reassuring and giving that person power to choose their future (Short). Some people believe that legalizing euthanasia would be good and give the people the freedom that they are promised by law, but on the other hand people also believe that assisted suicide is immoral…

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