Should Consumerism Be Encouraged?

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Should there be more regulation to protect the environment or should consumerism be encouraged?
Consumerism and advances of modern agriculture are topics of discussion usually under the radar in Politics. Believe it or not the majority of Americans do not realize the emphasis being put on spending and encouraged consumerism in our everyday lives. Growing environmental concerns have surfaced our economy within the recent years in regards to American consumption and over spending in the economy. Some may argue the positive effects of encouraged consumerism such as stimulations and growth in the economy. Likewise, studies show the destruction of the global environment is being fueled by the demand to spend by Americans. Resources used by Americans are not having enough time to replenish and this is taking a toll on the environment. In the past twenty years there has been a decrease in the efforts to maintain a healthy and plentiful environment by the American people. Consequently,
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Consumers are spending way too much and the negative outcomes outnumbers the positive. More regulation also presents its positives and negatives. Reasons for having regulation include protecting our non-renewable natural resources, preserving the biodiversity, and limiting green-house gases. On the other hand,
2 / 7 having regulations could hurt small businesses and have serious repercussions on our economy.
American consumption, and the processes that are needed to lead to consumerism, is the largest factor of environmental destruction (American Consumerism). Americans consume at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world. These high

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