Should Banning Fraternities And Sororities Impact The Students?

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To Ban or Not To Ban That Is the Question How would banning fraternities and sororities impact the students? Is racism, hazing, and derogatory acts not reason enough for Universities to ban fraternities and sororities? In my opinion, no all fraternities/sororities should not be banned because it is only few that are partaking in such activities. As you know not all organizations have the same morals and standards. Knowing that, I feel as if the student body would be largely effected if campuses were to ban all organizations.
One example is University of Oklahoma has 25 fraternities and 17 sororities however only a few of them have been caught participating in misconduct ( One of the few organizations is Sigma Alpha Epsilon which had been seen on March 7, 2015,hymns singing racial hymns. Fraternity members and their female escorts were filmed riding in a charter bus to an event for the national organizations Founders Day, singing a chant that constantly used the word “nigger”. On march, 8th 2015 a cell phone video of the fraternity singing “There will never be a nigger in SAE there will never be a nigger in SAE, you can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me, there will never be a nigger in SAE" was posted (“A History Of Racism At Sigma Alpha Epsilon”4). This made a statement about lynching, and insinuated that blacks will never be able to sign up for their organization. That is a case where a fraternity should be banned in all universities.…

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