Should Assisted Suicide Be Permitted? Essay

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The subject of euthanasia is a heated debate in which lines have been drawn between social and political groups. Many people want this controversial situation removed from the volumes of lawful medicine, but others say we should be able to choose our fates in extreme cases. Neither the law makers of this country nor the people have found a fair solution to this debate. The question still lies unanswered. Should assisted-suicide be permitted?
It is believed by a vast majority that everyone deserves the right to die. The European Declaration of Human Rights includes that we have the right not to be forced to suffer. A categorical quote from Professor AC Graylings in Dying Patron states: "I believe that decisions about the timing and death belong to the individual as a human right." Ramon Sampedro, a man who wasparalysed in Spain in a swimming accident tried both of Spain 's lower and higher courts and even the ECHR to end his life. His paralysis led him to being unable to commit suicide. Ramon passed away on Monday the twelfth of January 1998, and ensured that the task of poisoning him would lead to no suspects. What exact justification does the Government have to keep someone who is willing to die alive? Patients suffering from these problems may be in excruciating pain, and have a strong desire to end their life in order to ceasewhat they are feeling. The New York State TFLL expressed that: "Some patients decide to stop or withhold life.. Assisted-suicide would…

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