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Topic: Marketing Practices of SQARE TEXTILES LTD
Course Code & Title: MKT 5401, Marketing Management

Submitted to:
Md. Idris Ali
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration

Prepared By:
MD. Mahamudul Bari
ID No: 133-060-0-451
MBA in Apparel Merchandising
Batch No: 133
Section: E2
Date: 16th August 2014

Title Page

Marketing Practices of Square Textiles Ltd
MD.Mahamudul Bari
ID No: 133-060-0-451
Section E2
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology


At the very beginning, I acknowledge the infinite blessing and profound
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The report also outlines financial highlights & product analyzing company’s long-term solvency. The report provides relevant news, an analysis of and HR Management activities. The latter are correlated with pertinent news and press releases, and annual and quarterly forecasts are given by a variety of experts and market research firms. The future plans of the company are discussed which fills a strong positive attitude. This report also contain objectives, values, business strategies, Infrastructural Development, segmentation, recruitment, strategic group map & SWOT analysis of squire textile.
The strategic Goals and Objectives of Square textile are to strive hard to optimize profit though conduction and transparent business operations and to create more competitive in the internal and external market.
The export sells increased by 19% in 2003 over the previous year.
Competition level is increasing both in local and abroad market. Competition will be stiffer after 2005 when multifiber agreement will be phased out. Among the other foreign competitors Srilanka, China Pakistan and India are prominent.
Square is one of the biggest employees in Bangladesh. It has a personnel and administrative department. The total numbers of employees are 1223. For the employees there is systematic in house training in home and abroad.
The managing director, the CEO is the head of the executive management team. Below in there are

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