Short Summary: Audacious Kattipunan Traffic By Alexandra Fandino

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Register to read the introduction… There are numerous causes for road accidents and these fall under two major reasons. The first is distraction. In a study conducted by students Gutierrez, Canillas, Cleto and Uy, on the Effects of Manual and Visual Distractions to Drivers Performance, they stated that visual and manual distractions cause the driver to divert his attention away from the road, which increases the risk of an accident happening. They illustrated visual and manual distractions in examples such as the use of mobile phones while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, glancing at billboards, and adjusting the radio. These examples show that if the driver is focused on anything other than driving safely, there is a higher probability of an accident happening, that driving requires the driver’s full attention on …show more content…
Such is not the case in the Philippines and everybody knows it. The Filipino driver is generally characterized as impatient and aggressive. Once behind the wheel, a Filipino can turn into a road bully, recklessly in a hurry. Many of these drivers don’t bother with stoplights and have no use for road markings. A four lane road otherwise turns into a six lane road because Filipino drivers are so impatient they squeeze themselves in between lanes. According to MMDA, the most common road rules that are broken on Katipunan which cause traffic are illegal counter flow, tailgating, and failure to give way while turning. Drivers aren’t the only ones on the road but are accompanied by pedestrians. The ideal pedestrian is patient, confident, and also knowledgeable on road rules. Filipino pedestrians on the other hand are stereotyped as audacious and impatient. Filipino pedestrians don’t heed to restrictions or stop, look, and listen. They have no use for sidewalks or overpasses and are audacious when crossing the road, expecting cars to stop in time for them to …show more content…
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