Short Story : ' So You 'll Lift My Punishment ' Essay

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"So you 'll lift my punishment?" Max asked hopefully as the four of them walked back into the house, his hand holding onto Allison 's.

"Yes, Max, I think a concussion is punishment enough." Hank reasoned, sitting down on to the couch with Barb. "Now the doctor said you can 't sleep without letting us know so we can check up on you."

"Yeah, yeah," Max waved dismissively, a glint in his eyes as he let go of Allison 's hand. "Now where 'd you put Colosso?"

Hank rolled his eyes as he went upstairs to get the rabbit, grumbling about something or other as he left.

"Max, I think the three of us need to have a talk." Barb said seriously, looking at Max and Allison.

"Sure, Mrs. Thunderman." Allison said calmly, sitting down on the couch, Max slowly following suit, rolling his eyes as he did.

"I know you guys really love each other, but I don 't want you doing that when people are home. I mean, what if it was your father and I? Or worse, Billy and Nora!" She exclaimed, staring at the two with an exasperated look.

"Listen, please just...wait until we 're all miraculously out of the house at one time, alright?" Barb sighed, hugging Allison and Max both before standing up and walking out.

Max sighed, turning to face Allison. "I 'm pretty sure she 's right, it could have been way worse."

"I don 't really want to mentally scar anymore people so I think that 'd be best." Allison muttered, rolling her eyes.

"I don 't think anyone was being scarred. Do you even realize how…

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