Short Story : ' Ice Heart ' Essay

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ICE HEART Himmat woke up thinking it would be just another regular day she got up, brushed her teeth, and got dressed but as she was going down the stairs to eat her breakfast and head to school. She heard her parents whispering about something. She found it weird that her parents were whispering they never whispered! Especially since they knew that nobody was with them. Since she found it odd and thought that it might be interesting she tip toed and stood next to the kitchen wall. “Aarayna you know that the time is coming for Himmat to marry the soon to be king Amir”. “Yes, I know Aariv we just have to explain to her why this needs to be done we haven’t really explained to her, her duties when she turns eighteen years of age”. “I ’am just worried about how she will take this news”. “I know that Aarayna and that is why we together will have this conversation with her when she gets home from school, everything will be okay”. Himmat was in disbelieve she couldn’t believe what she heard she was in shock she didn’t want to look at her parents she just wanted to go to school. But as she was leaving the house she slammed the door. “Himmat you’re not going to say good morning to me and your father”. “Sorry, mom I ’am not feeling very well I just want to get this day started”. “Okay sweetie feel better I and your father have something to talk to you when you get home from school”. “Bye mom see you later love you”. “I love you to honey feel better have a good day at…

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