Short Story : Go Tell It On The Mountain Essay

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It is often said that some wounds run too deep for healing. This quote holds true for Aunt Florence in James Baldwin’s novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain. In the case of Aunt Florence, her “wounds” were ingrained since she was a child; her mother neglected to attend to Florence’s needs and instead, cared only for Gabriel, Florence’s brother. To seek opportunities she wouldn’t have at home, she abandoned her dying mother and delinquent brother, traveling north. Although Aunt Florence is determined to make a stable income in the North, her progress is obstructed by the institutions of family, race, and religion; all of which has added to her resentment towards men, specifically Gabriel. Aunt Florence’s loathing stems from her youth and interactions with her family. Growing up in the South, Florence’s mother treated Florence differently from Gabriel, the reason being that Gabriel was a male and Florence was a female. In a patriarchal society, Gabriel would be the one to make a living by working while Florence would marry and have children to look after. And so, her mother cared more about Gabriel’s future, providing him with the education Florence longed for. Baldwin writes, “With the birth of Gabriel, which occurred when she was five, her whole future was swallowed up. There was only one future in that house, and it was Gabriel’s,” (Baldwin 67). Gabriel’s wickedness intensified Florence’s anger; he could not care any less about God or the schooling that she wanted. Florence,…

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