Sharks Are An Essential Part Of The Ocean 's Ecosystem Essay

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How can a species be saved if everyone is frightened of them? Ever since “Jaws” people have viewed Sharks as ferocious, dangerous man-eating monsters out to attack anyone who dares come into the water. The fact of the matter is that one-fourth of Shark populations is endangered of going extinct. After over 450 million years on this planet, Sharks have the possibility of extinction due to inadequate laws to protect them from actions such as finning, by catching, and habitat depletion. Sharks are an essential part of the ocean 's ecosystem and Without them, there will be huge repercussions. Sharks need our help, but there are not many people willing to help the creatures, ones with such a bad reputation, who are so misunderstood. Sharks are breathtaking creatures that have been around for millions of years, but they are being threatened by their newest predators, Mankind. However, Humans have the power to help or terminate this marvelous creature.
Our approach toward Sharks has changed over the years, but not as much as it needs to. “Shark attacks still rattle people to the core.”(Skomal, Gregory “The Misunderstood Shark”) The recent series of attacks in North Carolina alarmed many, eight victims were attacked over a 24 day period. This was particularly perplexing because there were so many attacks in shallow waters in such a short amount of time. Additionally, in July professional surfer Mick Fanning fended off a Shark in a South Africa during the J-Bay Opening world surf…

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