Essay about Shakespeare 's No More Be Grieved

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Shakespeare’s No More Be Grieved sonnet consists of fourteen iambic pentameters, containing three quatrains and a couplet, and utilizes the ABAB rhyme scheme. Its simplicity in structure and use of basic Shakespearean sonnet fundamentals exemplify No More Be Grieved to be a work of regularity. Moreover, its comprehensibility in structure is apparent in the content of the sonnet as a whole as No More Be Grieved centers around the issue of human conscience and how it can pose a test to the loyalty of two friends. The opening quatrain of No More Be Grieved creates the problem. The speaker is in a state of turmoil, the cause most likely being betrayal from a companion. The poet is speaking directly to his companion and trying to mitigate an already tense situation by urging his friend to no longer grieve at what he had “done” (1). The speaker creates an analogy by stating that all objects of beauty like “roses” (2) have barbed imperfections, such as “thorns” (2). Continuing with the trend of imperfections in natural beauty, Shakespeare creates another example, stating that even celestial objects like the “sun” (3) or “moon” (3) can be “eclipsed” (3) or blocked out. Shakespeare makes a subtle reference to zoology in the final line of the opening quatrain. The diction here plays a key role. The “canker” (4) that is “liv[ing]” (4) in the “bud” (4) creates the imagery of the cankerworm -- a worm considered to be a massive pest -- feeding off of the insides of a bud. This subtle,…

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