Essay about Shakespeare Sonnets By William Shakespeare

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Shakespeare Sonnets analysis
Shakespeare wrote thirty-seven plays and one-hundred and fifty-four sonnets throughout his lifetime. Twenty-four of Shakespeare’s sonnets address his so called mistress the Dark Lady. While one hundred and twenty-six sonnets are centered around a young man and Shakespeare love for him. The sonnets centered around the Dark Lady express sexual distaste, lust, and attachment. While those centered around the young man express friendship and admiration of the male form. Exploring the way Shakespeare’s love differed from the Dark Lady, the young man, and the differences in their composition allow the reader to understand his different views on what love is. In Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 130,” the two lines in the opening establish the humor and honesty toward his mistress. This is apparent in the first lines "My mistress ' eyes are nothing like the sun; / Coral is far more red than her lips ' red;" (Shakespeare 130. 1-2) The mistress is referred to as a woman whose eyes are not shiny and beautiful but the opposite and at the same time her lips are not red and look somewhat okay. She is not the most beautiful women around and the sonnet compares her to items and images that a reader would picture beautiful. There is love being expressed in a pure and honest form even though it can come across as harsh in lines seven and eight he exclaims “And in some perfumes is there more delight / Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks." (Shakespeare 130, 7-8)…

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