Essay on Sexuality And Aging : Human Sexuality

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Sexuality and Aging

Jamalih Phillips
Human Sexuality
July 19, 2015 There is a culture-bias in today’s society, with culture telling society that sex isn’t something that older adults should be thinking of. Instead sexuality has become associated with youthful looks and vitality. More and more people tend to think that as a person ages they look and become less desirable as a sexual being. There are some older adults that may buy into this stereotype and think that they are not supposed to be sexual. It is imperative that we as a culture recognize that the aging processes are not restricted to persons past the age of 65 years old.
The cartoon above depicts how relevant sexuality and aging is in older and even elderly adults. Notice the elderly couple who seems to be in a nursing home in bed being intimate with one another while the nurse is in complete and utter shock because it is assumed that older adults do not engage in sexual practices or that they lose their sex drive as they age. The couple seemed quite comfortable passing the time this way all the while there is another older man behind the door peeking because he is still interested in sexual practices. Sexuality is an important component of emotional and physical intimacy that men and women experience through their entire lives. For the older adults and the elderly, sexuality is a “taboo” expression, and when mentioned fear and uneasiness arise in most of society and even some older adults. Over the last…

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