Essay on Sexual Violence And Sexual Aggression

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Sexual Violence is an ongoing issue thats capable of ruining a victim’s life along with the painful memories that will forever haunt them. Sexual Violence has a range of various behaviors such as sexual harassment, innapropriate touching, unwanted sexual actions, language, etc. Sexual Violence is a result from power disparities between one another in our society. As we become more familiar with the real meaning behind Sexual Violence, we will come to the realization that its the actions and unwanted words that could be threatening towards another person.

Looking at the legal history of sexual violence, for example a woman’s virginity used to be considered a “property”. To be more specific this is what sparked the beginning of sexual violence and how the society formulated their own opinion on it as a “property crime”. Calling a woman’s virginity a property is absolutely disgusting, because when the definition involves no force or threat against a victim when taking the property. While this took place in the 15th and 16th century, not much has changed in upcoming years as slavery became a major uproar to society. Enslaved women were forced to obey their masters’ sexual needs and were even impregnated by their masters to produce “stronger children” they could sell at a higher price. In these cases, Rape of enslaved women were never considered rape because their virginity technically belonged to their master. Although we 've made much progress since the 60s and 70s, the…

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