Sexual Slavery And Prostitution During World War II And The Us Occupation

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In Japan’s Comfort Women, subtitled the Sexual slavery and prostitution during World War II and the US occupation, the author Yuki Tanaka unearths a topic largely undiscussed throughout history. Published by Routledge in 2002, Tanaka goes into depth about the history of the exploitation of thousands of women used as comfort women, a euphemism for sexual slavery, for Japanese soldiers. The book is broken up into six chapters, including an epilogue, which focus on the different areas regarding this topic. With the help of diary entries, photographs, and official documents, Tanaka aimed to provide evidence that supports his arguments. Throughout the novel, Tanaka uses this evidence to prove that comfort women did exist, Japanese allied soldiers also used comfort women, force was used to make comfort women oblige, and that the Japanese police were directly involved in recruitment of comfort women.
In Chapter 1 of Japan’s Comfort Women, Tanaka opens the book with information regarding the history of the use of comfort women and who was involved in the process. Tanaka starts by informing us that there was a huge issue of rape, venereal disease infection, and looting by Japanese soldiers during war. During this time period, Japan was deploying “3.5 million Japanese soldiers” to “China and Southeast Asia during the war” (31). This lead to mass rape of local women, spread of disease, and looting in villages in which these soldiers were stationed. Due to so many rapes being reported…

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