Sexual Identity Of Film And Television Shows Essay

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Sexual Identity Representation In Film
Have you ever wondered why there is a lack of queer characters in films and television shows? Or why all of them seem to be the same person? This is part of the reason why there is an issue with the representation of sexual identity in film. Representation is important to end homophobia. It is also important for people to understand homosexuality and for LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and others who identify in the group) youth to have positive role models. Above this, it is important for all people to be more accepting of the LGBT+ community. Sexuality in the media could be more positively represented if there were more diverse LGBT+ characters. Newly developed diverse characters would reduce stereotypes, fetishizing and oversexualization of queer characters. The problem of diversity can be solved by creating a quota system that regulates casting diversity, providing training and education to film writers and casting directors to promote sensitivity and balance, and surveying real LGBT+ people from all walks of life to provide insight for creating realistic storylines .
Diversity is a serious issue in queer representation. In particular, the stereotyping of gay characters presents an unrealistic and mostly negative view of the group. “This is bad news for gay men generally because far more negative than positive representations of their demographic group have been presented to audience members over the past four…

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