Sexual Health Game Essay

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Game 1: Lucky Dart
Begin by asking player to answer 5 questions. The number of dart attempt is equal to the total right answer.
Define the winning area in the dartboard. If the player hits the winning area, he will receive a small gift. If he hits the center of the dartboard, he will receive an additional special present.

Game 2: Obstacle course
Divide players into 2 groups.
The crossword has several rows making up 1 column with the key word. Each correct answer will open a row as well as one letter of the column. Questions are about Gender and Productive health. The first team to find the correct key word is the winner.

Game 3: Discover your body
Divide players into 2 groups.
The objective of them is to categorize
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There are 4 cups contain a paper with “?” mark -> if a team flips 1 of those cups, they have to answer a question to get reward.
There is only 1 cup contain a paper with a gift image -> if a team flips that cup, they automatically get reward
Must not use any body part to move the basket and flip the cup
The basket and the cups are placed upside down

Game 5: Intrauterine Device
- conical objects
- rubber rings
- chalk or duck tape
One team is made up of one couple, each of them stands 3 or 5m away from the other.
The male holds a conical object between his legs, while the female is provided 5 rubber rings to throw at that object.
If the male can catch all of the 5 rings, the couple will be rewarded a gift.
Otherwise, they will have to answer a number of questions depending on the number of rings the

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