Essay about Sexual Harassment Within The United States Government

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Sexual harassment is broadly defined term used by the United States Government to refer to situations of harassment where sexual advances or offensive behaviors and remarks occur. With the broad nature of the terminology used, the enforcement of sexual harassment laws and the determination of guilt is left to the citizens. One such case, in which sexual harassment in a situation was questioned, involved the interpretation of an art piece and its display in a pubic environment. The art piece was removed was deemed as being “offensive and degrading” to women, however, the removal was a violation of the artist’s first amendment right. These incidents allow a debate to be made in regards to the situation being defined as sexual harassment in the form of a hostile work environment or a violation of the first amendment. Through discussion, the consensus of the group was that the lawsuit regarding the removal of the painting was a violation of the first amendment, rather than sexual harassment. The displaying of the paintings by a local artist in the city hall was initiated through an invitation from the city. The artist selected 40 of her pieces to be displayed at City Hall, of which included a painting of a woman partially in the nude. This female figure covered herself in an appropriate fashion, with little of her breast or buttocks showing in the image. Though the image was removed under the same concept as the prohibition of nude images in a fire station, the image itself did…

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