Sexual Harassment Essay

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Sexual harassment is defined as “…unwelcomed sexual advances, request for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, made by someone from or in the workplace or educational setting”, (Carinici 2013). Almost everyone, men and woman of all ages, have been sexual harassed at some point in their life’s either on the giving or receiving end. It’s a word that makes people cringe or uncomfortable when they hear it. No one wants to admit that they have been or have sexually harassed someone. A lot of the time people make comments and gestures without realizing the significance of their actions or the impact it may have on others. We have meetings and talk about these issues in the workplace as adults, but …show more content…
In the cases where the teacher is the one doing the harassing it is when I student asks for something, such as a makeup test or an extension on a due date. The teacher will say yes, but in return ask for a sexual favor, this is called quid pro quo, the action of asking for something, but with a favor in return. Most of the students who are being harassed are females, but females are not the only ones who are subject to this abuse. There are also many males who face sexual harassment. However, it is true that there are more girls that are harassed. In a study done by Catherine Hill and Holly Kearl of the 48% students who claimed they were harassed during the 2010-2011 school year 56% were female and 44% were males. They were harassed in ways such as unwanted touching, name calling, being called gay or lesbian in a negative way, receiving unwanted comments and pictures via text messages and Facebook and having rumors spread about them (Hill/ Kearl,2011). It is only recently that Facebook and text message harassment has become more prevalent, since kids are now online and have phones at younger ages than pervious years. Some of the effects that this behavior has on students vary. Of the students who said that they have been harassed both online and in person 46% did not want to go back to school, 44% felt sick to their stomachs …show more content…
In some areas, it may seem to get better, but in other areas it may seem to get worse. With so many new factors, such as text messaging or social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) it also may be harder to control this activity by the schools. In the end however is a joint effort, more kids need to speak up, more teachers need to get more involved. The students need to see results when they ask for help, which may be the underlying factor of why this behavior is so prevalent in the education system. More teachers should talk to kids, let them know what they students can do, and teachers need to take action and should be taught what they are able to do in these types of situation. The first step in preventing harassment is having well informed and educated students and

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