Essay on Sexual Harassment As A Woman

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I have this chubby Porto-Rican nurse that constantly sexually harass me, she constantly walk towards me while on break eating, working, or just doing something else. she smacks my butt, pinch my flank or coming very close to me rubbing her breast on my shoulder or my back. i even had cases of her coming to a residents room and saying stuff like am gonna fuck you in here and i know your gonna like it and sure wont stop me.

I am currently not a green-card holder nor are my a citizen. I am trying so hard to stay in line and not do anything to ruin my immigration situation. but its hard knowing i have a quick temper and trying so hard not to lose my job or piss anyone off at work. Am a hard working and having all this things happen to me all at once is almost impossible to control myself. Is so funny a lot of people see sexual harassment as a woman thing but forget that men are also victims of sexual harassment.

Harassment has plagued the arena for centuries. Why should the office be any exclusive? Sexual harassment and workplace violence should not handiest of historical roots, but state-of-the-art issues are still reward within the workforce at present. Managers are addressing and combating state-of-the-art sexual harassment and workplace violence, however occasions still arise (Robbins, Decenzo & Coulter, 2011).

“Sexual harassment is outlined as any undesirable motion or undertaking of a sexual nature that explicitly or implicitly impacts an person’s employment,…

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