Sexual Harassment And The Workplace Essay

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is an action that holds consequence for relationships, both directly and indirectly, affected by the act of the harassment. As illustrated by Dan Defoe, sexual harassment “harms the target of the mistreatment,” as well as “the non-targets who observe or perceive hostile behavior directed at coworkers.” When taking into consideration the scope of sexual harassment within an organization, upper management, Human Resources, and individual employees must be mindful of the overarching consequences associated with it. The act of sexual harassment has an effect on workplace relationships through the credibility of both parties involved, the community of the employee base, and the relationship between the company and the employee. While acting swiftly is crucial in the termination of such harmful behavior, a company must also take into consideration that these actions reach further into the company than just the individuals in direct contact.
Sexual harassment and workplace relationships can call into question the credibility of both parties involved in the encounter. The first party, being that of the credibility of the harasser when colleagues and management witness acts of sexual harassment being demonstrated or reported, the ethical and moral credibility of such an employee can become damaged to a point where trust can be lost. Once trust is lost in an employee, the consequences can begin to influence the work flow of the…

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