Essay on Sexual Exploitation Of Children ( Csec )

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Description of Data
The data source available through Shared Hope International provided a comprehensive tool to analyze how each state addressed commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). Shared Hope International followed the “4P” model, (prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnership), identified in my literature review as one of the most useful tools to fight domestic sexual exploitation of minors. Rather than making recommendations based on the most recently collected data, I studied the results for the first and last year the agency gathered information. Utilizing results for the years 2011 and 2015 helped prevent skewed results.
Considering both years also allowed me to compare and contrast results based on the same set of factors. I could visualize which states had the strongest and weakest laws, which states improved the most, and which states, if any, had regressed. Finally, I was able to rank North Carolina using this method, and compare it with all other states, thereby answering my research question about what North Carolina can do to reduce CSEC. The study identified 51 states; including Washington D.C. Below is a detailed description of the how each category correlate to the point system.

1. Criminalization of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking This category measured four elements at 2.5 points available for each, for a maximum of 10 points total. The first element studied if state legislation had an accurate definition of sex trafficking…

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