Sexual Deviance And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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Because this nation, and many others, were established by people with deep religious beliefs, our society is very squeamish about sex. Religious institutions have had an ever present influence and direct hand in people’s lives and society as a whole and when it comes to sexuality, almost nothing else has been regulated more. Sex practices in particular are heavily regulated. Practices that fall out of the norm which are generally categorized as heterosexual, monoracial, intermarriage, and/or reproductive have historically looked upon as wrong and perverted. As time progresses society is more lenient towards moving away from only accepting the traditional ideas of sex practices as more people are getting into interracial relationships and the visibility of the LGBTQ* community is ever growing. However there still is a large amount of stigma about sexual deviance, or sexual practices that fall out of the categorizations of ‘vanilla’ sex, so much so that people’s livelihoods, relationships, and safety can be put in danger. When kinksters are outed there can be a wide range reactions though most of them are negative. A self- identifying kinkster wrote to Dan Savage, the author of Savage Love, under the anagram Mother Unfairly Destroyed Daughter’s Libido Entirely. Her mother had found her diary, which contained entries about her ‘arrangement and a lot of the explicit details’ (Mar 2, 2016) of a sexual relationship she had with a man she met online. Her mother was absolutely…

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