Sexual Assault Awareness At South Alabama Essays

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April is Sexual Assault awareness month, many students on college campuses just brush off sexual assault awareness month like it is no big deal. Many people do not know what sexual assault is, so in result if it were to happen they would have no idea to report it. Students at South Alabama are fairly lucky as South Alabama’s campus is fairly safe considering the sexual crime rate has actually gone down with only one report of a forced rape in 2013. The ongoing problem with sexual assault on college campuses is people not being educated on what sexual assault is, and how to report it. Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact without consent (Counseling and Testing Services). If a victim says no, they mean no and there is no way to get around that. College campuses in America should better educate their students and their faculty on what sexual assault is, every circumstance, and how to report it. “If a victim is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can still give consent.” Not true, “If a person is the recipient of sexual advances but is highly intoxicated, he or she may be unable to consent to any sexual conduct”(Grant/Bowman). This is not only my opinion but if the victim is drunk at the time of the assault and they feel violated enough to take it to court, lawyers can use the fact that the victim was drunk against a perpetuator even if the victim said yes at the time, their brain was not coherent enough to give that consent whole mindedly. If the perpetuator…

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