Essay on Sexual Abuse During The Childhood

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People can sometimes be insensitive to sexual abuse during the childhood; they fail to recognize the dysfunctions it has throughout ones adulthood. The problem is that sexual abuse creates a strenuous disability for people. This issue is important because child sexual abuse happens every day, and just one simple touch can dysfunction one’s life through being sexualized at such young age. This dysfunction affects any race, any sex and any age, children who have been sexually abused at a young age causes not only grief for the young child but for people who resides in the child environment. Adults who have been sexually abused during the childhood face early pregnancy, substance usage, and STD/HIV contractions.
Researchers have found that people who had history with child sexual abuse shows sexual risky behaviors such as post-traumatic stress and depression. It also shows that women who were living with HIV had history of child sexual abuse as well. The research question for this article is “Myers et al., (2006) Severity of Child Sexual Abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress and Risky Sexual Behaviors Among HIV-Positive Women” .The participants consist of a sample of 162 African American, Latina and European American women who met eligibility criteria, they were recruited to participate in the UCLA Drew Women’s Health Project (WHP), a four-year behavioral risk reduction intervention study that was designed to enhance sexual decision-making and psychological adjustment in…

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