Gendercide Of Women

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A birth announcement should be a proclamation that should bring happiness and joy. Instead, an annunciation of a baby being a girl has become dangerous. In India and many other parts of the world, thousands of girls are victims of abuse, negligence, and murder, simply because they are girls. Similarly, to genocide where a specific group is deliberately exterminated, gendercide is a sex-selective killing where men or women are victims disproportionately (Carpenter). The war against women in India goes back centuries with the deeply rooted, sexist cultural dynamics as well as the ineffective and unfair government policies that have led to the increase rates of gendercide.
Girls become victims of female infanticide due to the financial and social
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If the groom’s family is not happy with the dowry payments, women become at risk for physical abuse and murder. According to the Indian National Crime Record Bureau, India has the highest rate of dowry murders (2013). This report gives the horrifying statistics which follows: 18,233 dowry death cases were reported which means that a bride was burned or attacked every 90 minutes due to dowry greed. Dowry murder refers to the greed of the groom’s family. When more money is demanded and the bride’s family cannot afford to pay more, the bride becomes the victim. The majority of the attacks are carried on by fire and is a common form of domestic violence that is practiced. The most common term to explain this is “bride burning”. In most cases, the bride is doused with flammable liquid and set alight. Although there have been laws passed such as The Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961, the knowledge of this act is not popular. Since policies that are passed by the governments aren’t strictly enforced, women are embarrassed to speak up and seclude to bear the abuse from the in-laws and their …show more content…
Misogyny is not only prominent in everyday life, but also in entertainment. The soap operas that are screened every day entail excessive force by male characters onto female characters, rape as well as physical abuse. Even in television women aren’t given the opportunity to be lead characters. They are usually submissive and act in roles such as a subservient wife, girlfriend or a character who needs a man to save her. In many cases when a woman gets sexually assaulted in a TV show, she is seen as someone who has lost her virginity rather than someone who has been attacked. This is not acceptable in the Indian culture and she is ashamed of her situation and becomes

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