Sex, Love, And Marriage In Brave New World

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In chapter 13 of Brave New World we see a clash of values between John, Lenina and what our society feels regarding sex, love, and marriage. We read about how John feels and why he acts a certain way, and we also read about Lenina’s understanding to it. John a very religious man was brought up this way in the reservations. He was taught that there is a line between wrong and right. He knows that there are consequences to his actions, and firmly acts on it. We understand his deep devotion to God and literature through the story. To him this is natural and normal. We can even say he doesn’t know any different. For him love is reverend. When he tells Lenina that he loves her, he truly means love; in a deep affectionate way. It is something …show more content…
I say this because it is not as extreme as Lenina’s, yet we do still have the freedom to choose religion. Marriage is seen as just a sheet of paper. Many have been married and divorced so they can say been there done that nor doing it again. In our culture we treat marriage like a consumer relationship instead of a covenant relationship. If we get bored, tired of it we can always trade it in for something newer and shiner. Sex is not a big deal. It is no longer just between a man and a woman. It can be a man with a man, or a man with 5 woman. This is normalcy and people are making loads of money of this idea. We have TV shows that glamourize this. Keeping up with the Kardashians, and my 5 wives and kids to name a couple. Every time I open a page online it’s there. More and more younger people are having sex without the idea of marriage even crossing their minds. Our society has glamourized sex making it seem as cool. Everyone is doing it with everyone! From a high rank CEO to a middle schooled child. Love doesn’t have to be involved to have sex. It is just sex! That why we have strip clubs, and prostitution, because it is normal. We are in a way being conditioned as a society to accept that all of this is normal. That there is a thin white line between right and wrong. We are told we don’t have consequences as long as we use protection, and if that fails then we have PLAN-B or Planned Parenthood. Our

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