Sex Is Good Parts And Bad Parts Essay example

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1.) Sex is something everyone seems to have trouble talking about. A lot if kept quiet until reaching a certain age. Still once reaching an age to understand sex is seen in a mysterious way. There is good parts and bad parts. Many dangerous things come along with the responsibility. It is a big part of history and for what the use of a women was. In spring awakening and ruined we see the transformation of sex. We see women being “ruined” by it and we see young teens falling in love trying to figure out what sex means to them and how it should be interrupted. Is it natural, is it frightening, or is it a sweet connection between man and women?

2.) In Spring Awakening there was a scene that struck me hard. It was the scene that Martha tells all of her girlfriends what was going on at home. She describes that her father is rapping and beating her and that he will “show her a good time”. I found this scene very important because prior to this conversation the girls were blushing over there crush’s and how they dreamt about engaging in sexual acts with the. Once Martha begin to share her experience the whole dynamic changed. You could see the girls confused and not sure about how to feel about sex. It was no longer a sweet dream and sweet loving connection between man and women. The girls learned that there was a very violent side to a sexual encounter and there dearest friend Martha had been going through it at home living in fear of the next encounter. During this scene it…

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