Essay Sex Is Biologically Determined For Success As A Species

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When we look at some one, the first thing we generally noticed is their sex. Humans are hardwired to determine one another 's sex. From an evolutionary standpoint, identification of the opposite sex for reproduction is imperative for success as a species. Sex is biologically determined at birth, sans a few exceptions. Gender on the other hand how someone defines their own sexual identity. In most people, there is not a variation from gender and biological sex, but when it does can cause strife for the individual as well as controversy within society. Sex is a concrete scientific term, and is determined by the presence of different sex organs in a living creature. A male has a penis and testes, while a female has a vagina, uterus, and ovaries. The male produces sperm while the female produces eggs. The presence of the organs causes certain developmental changes as the organism reaches sexual maturity which will set them apart from the opposing gender. In the avian world, males possess the colorful plumage while the females tend to be browns and grays. Hyenas have a matriarchal society; the females are large, muscular, and dominant while the males are submissive and diminutive in comparison. These differences allow organisms to identify the opposite sex and procreate. Humans are no different. In appearance males tend to possess broad shoulders and typically are taller, hairier, and more muscular than their female counterparts. Females develop breast tissue, have wider…

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