Sex, Gender, And Gender Essay

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Sex in western culture is defined by Webster dictionary as; either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and many other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions: adults of both sexes. The sex of a child is determined before birth by the formation of genitalia within the womb; consequently, establishing that child’s role within western society. The formation of XX chromosomes and female-labeled genitals (i.e. vagina and ovaries) or the formation of XY chromosomes with male-labeled genitals (i.e. gonads and penis) determines the sexuality and gender normative in which that child is expected to follow. These normatives are directly inline with the heterosexual patriarchy society that dominates western culture.
Anything outside of this norm is anomalous and therefore must be altered to fit within the boundaries of the norm. Fixing Sex: Intersex Medical Authority and Lived Experience by Katrina Karkazis focuses on the many unspoken procedures that intersex people are inclined to partake. Intersex people contain genetic traits that consist of both sets of chromosomes or genitalia. Karkazis explains how doctors in western cultures perform unnecessary procedures in order to create a fixed sex within the normative boundaries. “There’s nothing more challenging or stressful than an infant with ambiguous genitalia. The stress is not that in some instances the infant is acutely ill, the stress, is what the sex of the baby?”…

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